Lost. Yes, that’s what I am at the moment.

Having published my novel, I thought I could relax. How foolish a thought! I now know; the work has just begun.

black bookshelvesI need to market my work, and online is the best bet for a writer with no fancy agent or hands-on publisher to negotiate the book to the best seller league, on Amazon or New York Times or elsewhere. So I say a little prayer and set out to beam my book into the cyberspace,  a web journey or sorts.

And then I realise to my horror, it is all so complicated. There is a really huge bundle of virtual jargon I need to get familiar with before I can use some of the online marketing tools. And each step confuses me and I am compelled to slow down, at times QUIT, only to return after a few days and be lost again!

I would like to use the virtual blog tour, I would want to set up my own WordPress website, blog and tweet spontaneously, and interconnect all my online social networking tools, I would want to give away books for traditional reviews and reader reviews, I would want to interact with live audience, but all this can be possible only if I have a friendly and reasonably, genuine, ethical and affordable marketing service that I could hire! A one-point online marketing resource to do it for me. I know if people read my novel they would love it because whoever read it so far have love it, and it’s not just family or friends.

But ‘The Plunge’ being my debut novel I can only make prospective readers SEE it and buy it if I make it to the top seller league, and I can reach there only if I get some charitable marketing HELP since I am in no financial state to BUY the expensive but guaranteed top spot.

The other option is DIVINE INTERVENTION. I hope God follows blogs and tweets. I hope God reads this. I hope for a MIRACLE… I know they happen even these days of hopelessness. I know they happen to non-celebs such as me. I know you are listening God, and sorry and am sounding desperate, but you know I can’t hide my emotions… hurry please, ok?