If you love love or hate love

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Soul mates

images (1)Do soul mates exist?
I believe they do. Image

Couples who are perfectly matched in temperament, who strongly resemble each another in attitudes or beliefs exist.

One may not be married to the soul mate (if it is someone from the opposite gender), when married in haste.
But one will meet one’s soul mate/mates sometime in life, souls that connect with instantly, effortlessly.

What if you are already in a committed relationship by the time you meet your match?
Simple. One don’t necessarily need to have a traditional ‘married’ relationship with the soul mate. One can share a platonic bond with the soul mate, while maintaining the existing committed relationship, provided the partner is taken into confidence, I believe.

So how does one know when the conscience keeper appears suddenly?  Image
One will, in spite of the many obvious differences, feel a strong connection, the heart will burst with joy, and mind will leap out and bond, in spite of many inhibitions. It is something like love, but without necessarily the physical attraction.

Will everyone feel that kind of attachment sometime in life? I think so. At least everyone should. If you are alive, you should somewhere in life meet that special someone. And if you are unattached when you meet that person, nothing like it.

Love in the Air

Among the few timeless human emotions tops love, unconditional love.

Romantic love has changimagesed its profile in recent times.

What used to be a heart connection, is now more of a WhatsApp connection. People are no longer lonely for long, neither are they together for ever.

It was quick to spot love in those days, a look in the eye and the heart raced faster than a tweet . Not anymore.

Few and far between, but true love is still alive, in some hearts.

My new book is about true love, from real life. Married, unmarried, half married, much married; all kinds of lovers; an in-depth study of “love”. Stay-tuned; I might shock you, but never will I disappoint you – A PROMISE.