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From Dr Seuss (A Horton hears a who!)… “A person’s a person, no matter how small.” [A/N:  Dr Seuss was one of my all time favourite children’s authors. As a kid, I found his stories very inspirational!  And still, after so many years, I am inspired all over again.]


14 Difficult Emotions That Actually Indicate You’re Experiencing Growth

Jérôme Licht1. Inadequacy. Remaining at an unchallenging, stagnant job for multiple years is never going to make you feel incompetent or self-conscious, because no one is asking you to do anything other than the same thing over and over again. But being in a situation in which you do feel inadequate usually means you’re daring yourself…


14 Things Only Highly Creative People Understand

Twenty20 HOWWLSCreative people see the world through their own lens. They are often misunderstood or misjudged, but the truth is their minds and hearts are very unique, and they possess a multitude of characters and behaviors inside them. Even though creative people are very different from each other, they still share similar traits and behaviors.…


36 Things That Make You Uniquely Beautiful (That Have Nothing To Do With Looks)

bianlombardo1. The ability to laugh at yourself 2. The strength in forgiving those who have hurt you (even if they’re not sorry) 3. The strength in forgiving yourself, too 4. The kindness you give to others, even when you’re having a bad day and aren’t feeling so nice on the inside 5. Treating someone who…


7 Lessons I Learned About Love & Death After Losing My Mother

Unsplash lee Scott1. Unconditional love is stronger than death. In the words of Anaïs Nin, “You cannot save people. You can only love them.” From day one, my mom taught me what unconditional love is. She protected me from the beginning, and yet, once she was diagnosed with cancer, I could not protect her. She…


15 Things You Should Stop Letting People Do To You

Unsplash Jessica Polar1. Stop letting people tell you how you should live. Or what you should wear or who you should date or what you should eat. 2. Stop letting people drain your energy. Detach yourself from these people and don’t invite their negativity into your life. 3. Stop letting people pry into your personal life.…