Call it Ikigai (reason for being) or life purpose, I am consciously, subconsciously and unconsciously working on it, finding mine, Path.  ikigai-blog-post2.jpg new

As a blueprint, I am putting together a personal code of conduct, based on my inclinations, intuitions and strongest desires.

BeOn top of my core values I place Spirituality, NOT RELIGION.

Then comes happiness, NOT OVERWHELM.

Affection, not ATTACHMENT.

Commitment, not CONTRACT.


Dedication, NOT OBSESSION.


Self realisation, NOT SELF LOVE.

P.S. This is a work in progress. Suggestions and corrections are welcome.



My son, who is grooming to be an actor, surprised me a few days back, without intending to.

He posted an AMATEUR webcam video on his Facebook wall, review of a play his theater group performed a few days back. It was his first attempt, and it was a royal mess, poor picture quality, pathetic audio and endless repetitions, RAW cut.

Only when I tried to edit it, so as to make some sense of it did I spot those beautiful, fleeting, multitude of expressions on his innocent face. In a matter of 10 minutes, he had emptied a whole world of subtle emotions, mixing intensity with loudness. I was stunned, delighted and confident.

I do not know if other will see it. But I DEFINITELY CAN SEE IT.


My son HAS IT, what takes to be a GREAT ACTOR. And he is surely going to take his place in the world stage, we will boldly face and demolish any obstacle that may chance appear on our path from time to time.

I always knew he was a terrific entertainer, once on stage, he was an ITEM beyond compare. But now I am convinced he is graduating into a terrific  actor, FINISHING touches pending.


Thank you ALMIGHTY, I know YOU ARE THERE, keeping us safe and on track.