Respect… Wayne Dyer


Now that I have been introduced to the teachings of the great Wayne Dyer, I am a better person for sure. Sad, he had to go so soon, at 75! He could have easily lived for at least 10 more years. But I know he wanted to go, and so he went. It cannot be any other way. images

Thank you Sir. RESPECT.



Those who haven’t met him yet:




2 thoughts on “Respect… Wayne Dyer

  1. RIP Wayne Dyer, He told some unbelievable stories,mostly about himself. But what most people don’t know he either stole the stories from someone else or completely lied. Does anyone of his blind followers ever open their eyes and mind and check? Check the scurvy elephant story,,,or how about his having leukemia and then being ‘remotely’ cured by quack faith healer john of god, who was 10,000 miles away!! Is this even REMOTELY true

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