Holy Cow!


Can it be happening?

India is outraged by a documentary showing a tragedy called women of India.

Face it. It’s a FACT.

Don’t understand how exposing gender inequality in India will harm my country! And dear women, what are you protesting against, your self interest?

And all this before the film is even out.

The film: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fLg131SZk1o

Their argument: Showing interview of the rapists and men blaming women for getting raped will make those men heroes! Heroes? In the eyes of whom? Potential rapists, who were waitng for inspiration in the form os a documentary? Haven’t heard a more absurd thought.

Things have reached such a flashpoint that the director Leslee Udwin has now appealed to the Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, to intervene and help lift a ban imposed in India. Politicians and protesters had ganged up against the screening of the film made around the brutal rape in December 2012 of 23-year-old physiotherapy student Jyoti Singh in Delhi. The rapists are still in jail, giving out arrogant statements.

Leslee’s India’s Daughter includes interviews with one of the men convicted for the crime, who is now in prison in Delhi and waiting for the supreme court to hear his appeal against the death sentence for over a year (what a joke! Really), after a fast court trial verdict. Instead of focussing on hanging the rapists at the earliest, authorities are banning the domestic broadcast of the film and trying to prevent it from being shown worldwide.

‘I made a film on rape in India. Men’s brutal attitudes truly shocked me,’ says Leslee.

Of course, MOST of India’s men consider women as their property, rather domestic animals, not just sex slaves. FACT. We like it or not. 05_india_g_w

Men, introspect. Not just how you view any random woman, but also what you think about, how you treat your own women, be it mother, wife, sister or daughter, colleague, just any woman you are lucky to be around.

I do not think exposing a criminal’s mindset equals to glorifying a rapist, provided adequate editing and blurring of images are in place.

With or without the film, most Indian men think like Nirbhaya’s rapists, and more. While in other countries men have to woo his woman, in India men can get them in arranged marriages to women they haven’t even spoken to, even once, and also get paid a dowry for taking the woman as wife. How sick is that? And that is our proud tradition, going on gloriously for centuries. But my countrymen would be shocked if I call it a redundant practice.

Don’t believe this, see how some big shots reacted to the India’s Daughter:

India’s Parliamentary Affairs Minister, Venkaiah Naidu said, “This is an international conspiracy to defame India.”

India’s home minister, Rajnath Singh assured parliament that the Indian government was already exploring ways of stopping the worldwide broadcast. A notice had been sent to BBC4, which will show the film on Sunday in Britain, he said. “We will not allow anyone to leverage such unfortunate incidents (the 2012 Delhi rape) for commercial benefits,” he added.

India, see sense, face it – gender inequality is our Problem No. 1. We can’t shut eyes and call it night. Not anymore. Let’s get out of the dark ages.

This harrowing documentary gives an insight into a horrific crime that sent shockwaves around the world and led to protests across India demanding changes in attitudes towards women.

This is why I am fully behind India’s Daughter.

The BBC will broadcast Storyville – India’s Daughter. Do watch.

The home minister alleges Udwin had not submitted the full, uncut footage of the interview for approval by jail authorities. If that is true, and if she has manipulated the footage to misrepresent facts, legal action can be taken against her. So why all this overreaction?

But Udwin says she had taken the full 16 hours of “raw, unedited footage” to the jail, but a three-member review committee, after watching it for three hours, told her: “We can’t sit through all this, it’s too long”.

“So I submitted an edited version which was cleared.”

Knowing my countrymen, I BELIEVE HER.


One thought on “Holy Cow!

  1. Reblogged this on SinghCircle and commented:
    The reaction of a section of the Indian media and the politicians is obnoxious. This is the case of the proverbial ostrich that buries its head in the sand hoping no one would see it and thus it would escape a so-called predator. Wake up, India, because the predators are within, waiting to pounce on the very psyche of this country!

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