Dear Prime Minister Mr Modi…

By 2028, India will be more populous than China, according to the recently released OPEC World Oil Outlook. I have no reason to contest that report. My only doubt, however, is: Do we really need those many years to top that list?


A normal day in Mumbai, uff—

Garbage on a Mumbai beach

The report made me aware of one of my worst fears – crowds. I am very scared of crowds. My other fears include dirt, dust, anger (my anger included), violence and love. There are a few other things as well, but not as scary.
Anyway, this blog is dedicated to my country, India. Some of the things that keep me away include its ever growing population and the continuing government apathy, overflowing garbage bins, and the role of women in society.

Slums, housing senseless migration to citiesI wish Prime Minister Narandra Modi would take up population control with as much enthusiasm as his clean India campaign (which I appreciate much). It is an urgent need. As much, if not more. Because, while we can shame people who litter public spaces, as we can see them in the act, population grows in private spaces, away from the public eye, all the time!

Add to it, the new drama ‘kiss of love’. Are they nuts? These women who participate in a public kissing and hugging protest, in a country like India? I can vouch that all the women taking part are signing themselves up for molestation. Let’s admit, most Indian men consider women sex objects, except immediate family members. In a society which has online sexual stimulation aplenty, but very few no-strings-attached opportunities, frustrated males are in big numbers. Take care women. TAKE CARE!!

And, Mr. Prime Minister Modi, we need a Population Control Minister, Please. Urgently.

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