Island CraP


Giant_Crab_by_TrendyDNASo, finally, the creepy gigantic CRAB that was supposedly stalking the Bahrain coastline turns out to be an ad agency’s teaser campaign, possibly for an amusement part or a crab STRUCTURE coming up in this (island) nation.

Journalists in Bahrain took the bait and were taken for a cheesy ride by the ad agency, who got all the publicity they wanted and more. Full length articles were published, sans any real probe. Some customary calls were made, and the clichéd “not available” for comment was attributed to the expert and the ad agency, who had the last laugh. Still journalist didn’t smell anything fishy!

A little close reading and the journalists would have noticed that the name of the “renowned Madagascan expert” professor Cigam Dnalsi, from the Marine Sealife Observation Centre (!!!) – who was being sent to investigate the claims – read ‘Island Magic’spelt backwards!

The news was prominently displayed, even with follow up stories, by all leading newspapers in Bahrain, and the unique “crab measuring up to 5m across” became a cheap publicity stunt, which defied all acceptable advertising practices and cardinal rules of journalism.

The mythical crabs that the advertising agency claimed to have been spotted weighed up to 50kg “about the same as the average 14-year-old boy” (ha ha).

Can’t believe this is what journalism has come to be in this part of the world! With anyone and everyone considered qualified to be a journalist, what else does one expect in terms of professionalism! RIP.

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4 thoughts on “Island CraP

  1. Actually, Mandeep, if you bothered to read the first line in the GDN article you would have seen that it says CLAIMS a giant crab is stalking Bahrain HAVE BEEN DEBUNKED

    This was the only time the GDN has mentioned the “giant crab” in its pages – they spotted it for the fake that it is the moment the press release was sent out… unlike the wannabe poets at the DT.

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