Looking for Kanchen

Heavenly dawn!


20140718_054946 The peaks are covered with a thick blanket of cloud

20140718_064847 The blanket of cloud is beginning to lift

20140718_065453 Some of the peaks are now visible

20140718_065009 All the five ‘summits’ are now seen but the cloud cover is rapidly coming in again

No trip to Sikkim, it is said, is complete without the sighting of the Kanchenjunga mountain. And that was true with us a well.
But there was a problem. We had arrived in the tiny Himalayan state in North Eastern India in the first week of July when it is the monsoons – and when the skies are cloudy with moderate to heavy rain most of the time!
We had even booked into The Red Mud Chalet, a beautiful ‘resort’ on a hilltop at Bermiok in the state’s Western district, which boasted of one of the best views of the third highest mountain in the world.
Day One we…

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