The walk we did not want to end

Never imagined the power of silence to be so captivating…


DSC_8356 This is the pathway through the forest leading to the lake

We had travelled in Sikkim for four days and were, expectedly, tired. But we had to still visit the Khecheopalri (wishing) Lake, one of the holiest places on the Buddhist pilgrimage circuit.
Our guide and driver Dawa, promised it would be a “comfortable”  drive and we would not have to walk a lot but walk ort not, this was one pilgrimage we had to undertake. We had seen (photographs) and read so much, it had to be explored.DSC_8370True to Dawa’s claims, the drive was comfortable, and exceptionally beautiful, in light rain and among the clouds and lush greenery, scores of waterfalls, small houses dotting the mountainsides. The whole scene was so surreal, there was no time for discomfort or fatigue.DSC_8362The lake itself, originally known as Kha-Chot-Palri (meaning the heaven of Padmasambhava), is sacred for both Buddhists and…

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