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I SUPPORT PREITY ZINTA, unconditionally.

Indian Premier League COO Sundar Raman has corroborated Bollywood actress Preity Zinta’s claim that she had informed him about her spat with former boyfriend and industrialist Ness Wadia at the Wankhede Stadium.

The 39-year-old actress had filed a police complaint alleging she was abused and mistreated in public view by Wadia (44) at Wankhede stadium on May 30, 2014 when an IPL match was played between Kings XI Punjab and Chennai Super Kings.


Wadia has termed the accusations as “false and baseless”.

Being an ex-boyfriend does not give someone the right to humiliate a woman in public, even if he is rich and powerful.

But I am not sure the media should continue to use the word molested in the case. I don’t think manhandling, abusing and threatening or even humiliating in public translates to ‘molesting’! Nevertheless, that doesn’t make the guy any less a villain.

Indian men have a foolish belief, I do not know about other men, SORRY, that they own their women, daughter, sister, mother, wife, girlfriend, or even former girlfriends for that matter. That’s a PITY. It’s high time they understood that all they ever would truly own is their silly ego.

In her written complaint to the police, Zinta had alleged that Wadia publicly humiliated her on several occasions, including once at an IPL auction where Raman was present.

Based on Zinta’s written complaint, police registered an FIR against Wadia under several sections of IPC relating to outraging the modesty of a woman and criminal intimidation.

Both charges, I believe are true.

You rock girl! Proud of you…


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