Seeking the Sun


DSC_7988 DSC_8889 DSC_8930 DSC_8637 We were at the exclusive island resort of Al Dar over the last couple of days and, besides the luxury of the pristine beach and the flip-flop of the gentle waves, were breath-taking sights of the sunrise and the sunset!
Expectedly, I spent much time trying to capture those perfect shots of the two events. I surprised myself by finding photographing the sun rising was much more a spectacle than the sunset and just waiting for the big orange ball to make an appearance is an exhilarating experience!
And while I was quite satisfied with a single shot of the sunset (bottom), there were several of the rising – and some of them are featured here (left)!
Nature does an outstanding job to say the least and it makes us feel rather tiny in comparison with its ‘awesomeness’.
We have already decided to come back at the end of Bahrain’s…

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