Take care and be safe


Cyclists like these car cleaners are commonplace all over Bahrain – inviting trouble on the roads

I came across a gut-wrenching scene as we drove out to run some errands this afternoon. A cyclist had just been knocked over by a car and lay motionless on the side of the busy road while another man, possibly his companion on another bicycle, wailed hysterically.
Also at the scene was a police officer and a woman in white uniform, who appeared to be a nurse, as were some onlookers who had stopped.
My first reaction was to call 999 which I did but they said they were already aware of the incident. Help was on its way so we left the scene.
What else could we do? Just being part of the already-swelling crowd would only hinder any rescue efforts.
As we drove off with a lump in our throats, we wondered…

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