Leave Ellen Alone: A Lesson in Misplaced Transphobia


Steven Salvatore

Comedienne, actress, host extraordinaire, and overall amazing human Ellen DeGeneres recently came under fire for a comment during her opening monologue at the 86th Annual Academy Awards, which aired Sunday, March 2nd. During her witty opening, which employed her signature wry-delivery and the pop culture-laden humor of her daily talk show stand-up routines, she referenced gay icon Liza Minnelli, daughter of Hollywood Legend Judy Garland, by saying, “Hello to the best Liza Minnelli impersonator I’ve ever seen!  Good job, sir.”  This spurned a barrage of internet-related hate, calling DeGeneres “transphobic” and “disrespectful.” Others denounced her status as a “lesbian icon,” saying that using drag queen humor is hateful and intolerant towards the trans community.

I don’t understand this.

Have we forgotten who Ellen DeGeneres is? Has the gay community forgotten what Ellen stands for, and how much she has done for positive exposure to gay culture? In The Age of…

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