Eating Humble Pie

She made my day! 😉


images I learnt something today!
Never criticise a woman driver.
Never also mock at one when she gets into a no entry zone, drives in two lanes at a time or applies make-up while negotiating traffic.
Why this change?
I was in the middle of old Muharraq when I got myself into a jam – literally. After going into a narrow lane and finding myself at a dead-end, not knowing what to do, I looked for help.
Knocked on a door and requested the abaya-clad woman who emerged to move her car so I could easily take mine out.
But that did not happen.
Instead, she got into my vehicle, a large SUV, reversed into the lane as if it were a knife slicing through butter and there I was, out of the woods!
And, all the time, she had a smile on her face and the look of someone in…

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