Winners fixers?

Awards and national titles have to be earned not with service to the world, but systematic lobbying and PR, which we all know. So, don’t feel bad about it; the winners are the BIGGEST LOSERS as far as real respect is concerned. UNSUNG heroes are the real ones. SALUTE.


index I read with a fair bit of amusement today a leading Indian in Bahrain being honoured for “leadership”. A few weeks ago, there was another person who was similarly feted in India for “work among the downtrodden.”
I have lost count of how many such people regularly receive “honours” for having “excelled” in various fields, most commonly being philanthropists or “givers” to the community. What I do not, however, understand is how can these people “serve” the downtrodden, the less fortunate among us, the homeless, or the “park benchers” by sitting in air-conditioned offices, jet setting across the globe or setting up massive business empires. images Okay, I am not saying they should ignore their businesses and come on the streets but what I am saying is there are countless such selfless people who have done so much for the community. For example, there is this one gent who makes sure…

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