When love is not enough…

Union Minister of India Shashi Tharoor’s wife of three years died a mysterious death, probably an anti-depressant drug overdose two days back. After a fairy tale wedding, where the couple appeared blissfully content and the entire world around them showering love and blessings, what went wrong in their beautiful world? Shashi Tharoor with Sunanda
Okay, we know she had minor health issues, and that she was suffering from anxiety attacks and depression, probably resultant of her illness, but more as an offshoot of being married to a celebrity husband, a desirable man, public figure.
Naturally insecurity hits the wife, especially when the husband entertains female friendships, call it intellectual companionship or emotional anchoring. This is in spite of the wife being extremely desirable and successful. That is how women are made, and some of us are more sensitive to apparent dangers like losing a cherished love life.
After listening to the journalist in question speak disrespectfully about Sunanda the other day, I can only imagine the utter distress she was in when she probably decided to call it quits. Such ambitious, self-centred people can only be home breakers.
SunandaI am most saddened about the fact that her son from another marriage has lost a mother he was surely closer than any other soul in this world. I only hope Tharoor quits politics and women companions for good and take responsibility to be the strongest support to Sunanda’s bereaved son for the rest of his life. That alone will allow her soul to rest in peace. 20140118161927
If he is the gentleman he appears to be and if he has a heart, this he will do. If not, he will never ever be happy or sane; not in this life.

Don’t know why, I am sad, heartbroken. May Almighty give her son Shiv strength to bear the pain, peace to move on and bring loads of love into his life, and soon.

Let Almighty also give Tharoor the wisdom and heart to see the poor child’s pain and loss and realise he is indeed responsible for this tragedy.

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