Arm us, not alarm us

It’s not that I admire rapes; I am compelled to write about it blog after blog simply because men in India are doing it every single day, brutal gang rapes.

According to a television documentary, at least one woman is raped every 20 minutes in my country. Am I surprised? No, I knew this all along, like every other woman in India. But at least the most brutal and inhuman of acts are now being reported.

The latest happened today: A mentally challenged, speech challenged woman from a shelter home (how sad!) was raped by two men in a hospital lift. The ward-boy and watchman (!) of the hospital, who did the heinous crime, were arrested. But, so what? They already had their feast, right? Even if the men get a life sentence, or death sentence, is justice really served to the victims? Will the scars ever heal?

The stories of the sex-starved Indian men are turning bizarre. On one hand, there is plenty of stimuli available on air and the Web. On the other, marriages, and live-ins are collapsing like sand castles. And not many men in India can afford to buy sex. What is the solution then?

Why not distribute free sex toys through ration shops? Or subsidize them! Why not leagalize prostitution? Why not install public sex booths , like public urinals, with voluptuous sex toys catering to the Indian taste? A Google search result had some fit for the rape-inclined.447194278_1217242198
Given the fact that our population surging, with procreation being the only tax-free entertainment around for the poor, and crime against women increasing beyond the ability of our law-makers and police to prevent, or even control or count, we need to consider practical solutions, not senseless TV debates.

It is unfair to treat the country’s better halves as commodities. Hello, if you can’t protect us, at least ARM us. I would prefer a hand-gun, a pepper spray and a stun gun.

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