Money is what money does

I do not know the economics of money. But I still remember the definition of money I had learned 30 years ago: “Money is what money does.”

So if the money we earn has a habit of getting devalued day after day, our quality of life also gets devalued with it. In such situations, what are we supposed to do? Why is the government not telling us the measures to adopt to tide over this crisis comparatively unhurt?

I do not understand how and why currency value rises or falls.Image

All I understand at the moment is that it has something to do with the regional conflicts, strategic power shifts, covert oil wars, money laundering etc. I have a limited grasp on financial matters. 

But from what the Indian news channels tell us, it is bad news: $1 is equal to almost Rs68. No wonder we haven’t managed to get the rupee sign on the keyboard :(. Or have we?


Anyway, according to the financial smarties, this means bad news to the common man, who will not be able to send their children to study abroad, to invest, make foreign trips, or buy imported stuff, among others. But I never thought the common man was up to all this! 

I was also impressed by the cheerful Finance Minister Mr P. Chidambaram asked us to be patient, as if it was an option (!). But why was he grinning? Has he lost it? Or is this “economic emergency” in the country and the expose of hormone-driven “God-men” part of some political strategy?

To top all that, this morning news tells us an Indian Lawmaker was caught in a Goa hotel with five (!) call-girls celebrating his birthday. Wow.

And the ruling party is blissfully running its propaganda on television “Gareebon ko bhukke sone na dega” (Won’t let the poor sleep hungry). Maybe what they actually mean is “Won’t let the poor sleep by keeping them hungry”.

I am amazed at the way my country is falling, faster than our currency.

We really need (as Ratan Tata mentioned on a TV show this morning) Leaders who can LEAD, not follow.

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