Fresh perspective on what women want…

Interview (Gulf Daily News)

      By Laala Kashef Alghata ,  Posted on » Saturday, June 01, 2013


THE pleasures and pitfalls of love are explored in the debut novel by Bahrain resident and Indian author Sindhu S.

The Plunge follows 30-something Anjali as she meets Siddharth.

A journalist angered by the man’s world she has to inhabit, she originally has no intention of becoming involved with him.

But things don’t work out as planned.

“I’d summarise it as a simple love story from a woman’s point of view, showing how women experience love and how that’s different from the way men experience it,” Ms Sindhu told the GDN.

“The novel traces an average Indian woman’s life and the things she experiences.”

The protagonist is based on several people the author knows.

“The character was inspired by a number of people,” she said.

“I combined the experience of two or three women I know to make the character.

“The experiences are inspired by and based on things I experienced in life.

“I wanted to write it down for the benefit of others, so they don’t make the same mistakes that I or people I know have made, especially in the matter of love or the heart.”

She said that young girls are especially susceptible to falling for the wrong man.

“In their younger days, girls have a romantic notion of love, but it’s not true in the end,” she said.

“When they meet their ideal man, they’re so blind that they don’t see the real person standing in front of them.

“You end up making the wrong choices and finding yourself on the wrong side of love.”

Ms Sindhu said she wanted to steer clear of glorifying love, which she said could result in unrealistic expectations.

“The Plunge is a very frank take on love,” she said.

“Usually we glorify love in books and I’m trying to expose what love actually is, according to what I have seen.”

She also wanted to lift the veil on life in an Indian household, which the 47-year-old said was far from conservative – despite many people’s perceptions.

“Indians want to think that we live very conservative lives, but it’s not so,” she said.

“We’re as Western in our manners as the West.

“We’d like to believe the family unit is very complete and perfect, but it’s not.

“Everybody’s attracted to everybody else. That’s what I wanted to expose.”

She said she wrote the novel seven years ago over a period of six months, but then shelved it.

“After I finished it, I found that every time I tried to revise it, I couldn’t read it closely enough,” she said.

“So I left it and I forgot about it for almost six years.

“Two years ago my son, who is now 21, reminded me about the book.

“When I was writing it, I conducted research trips to different parts of India and often took him with me.

“He said that if I didn’t do anything with the novel it would be a waste of that time and the money we spent, so I dug it back up and began revising it.

“The process took two years and I revised it seven times before finally printing it.”

She now hopes her book will strike a chord with her readers.

“It’s a book I hope all women read; especially those who have a tendency to fall in love easily,” she said.

“If they read this, maybe sometimes they will escape.

“Don’t go looking for love. If you go looking for love, you won’t actually find true love.

“Love will find you.”

The Plunge is available at Words Bookstore Cafe on Budaiya Highway, priced at BD4.500.

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