Doesn’t matter anymore.

I do not know how most authors feel about a bad review. I got very nervous initially, before the first review that is. boo reviewer

Strangely, the first reviews were kind, encouraging, some even awesome. I heard them, read them, but did not entirely believe them. I could read between the lines. I know when someone says, “read it in one go”, it means there weren’t many boring patches to make them quit midway. And when people say “a good debut novel”, I know I am not yet the “Pro”.

But I knew it anyway. I did spend years revising the story, but that doesn’t mean I had perfected it. I know I can do MUCH better, and will prove it with my “masterpiece”, soon. The first book was only a trial run.

Of late, I received a couple of really nasty reviews, written by people who were not familiar with how people in the EAST lived, in the real world and in their thoughts. One “professional” reviewer even went to say, “old-fashioned in its portrayals of gender identity”, what the heck! Hello, my story wasn’t set in the WEST; we still live the old fashioned life, love the old fashioned way, women have the same roles in society, back in Asia we still prefer organic to orgasmic, and it’s really affordable and gratifying too. And I don’t know for sure how it is in the rest of the world!

Image Another criticism that irritated me was: “The heroine’s foolishness sometimes stretches credulity.” Why? Can’t people be incredulously foolish? You just proved it’s possible to be incredibly silly, Mr./Ms CRITIC; I don’t even know the gender of the reviewer.

Anyway, I chose to ignore those sloppy attempts at reviewing.

Moving on, I have lately started getting genuine, mixed reviews. These help. I agree with some of them so totally. They have managed to get into the story and, like a hands-on parent, pull out trash-worthy items from an adolescent’s cupboard.

Thank you guys, for chipping in.

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